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Saturday, April 09, 2005


The Laura Branigan song, not the prayer! Today was sort of a first day to relax after the biz travel. The first warm, sunny day of spring. I celebrated by sleeping the entire day (until 5:00) in my living room.

Sound stupid? Well, let me describe the room: lots of honey-toned oak--wall unit full of books, gold-beige oak-ended velvet couches making a square with the wall unit, a huge oak coffee table and end tables, soft brown carpet...i.e. a very warm feeling room, with lots of sun streaming in and The Most Spoiled Cat In The Universe purring at my feet. Actually started off reading a Jeff Archer book but nodded off.

Then woke up and raked the $@#$^ leaves off of the front lawn because everyone else had already done it to THEIR lawns while I was sleeping (yah they just waited for me to doze off...). Don't know how you folks with REAL lawns manage it. I just have a postage stamp sized townhouse lawn and it almost killed me picking up the leaves. Oh, this must be that sh*t called 'exercise', right? Man my aerobics days are lllllllllong gone.

Have I ever told you guys about my scary basement? Well, I do like to shop. The basement is full of huge boxes left over from shopping expeditions, books that I don't have room to unpack, Christmas decorations I don't put up, an old desk, laundry drying, tools, paint, paintings I'm now embarrassed that I paid money for, even stuff my out-laws gave me when I was first married, etc. It's the 'scary room'. I'm about to try getting rid of a lot of the stuff down there.

Might take a year or two lol.

Oh yah, time to do 2003 income taxes too. I got one of those reminders from the tax guys.

Hey at least I didn't eat while sleeping today!

Or think about that womanizing M.....

Good going, me.

Forgot to mention earlier, S is starting with us on the 18th YAY! I was so afraid that he would change his mind about joining us. And Issy (nickname I just gave her) is starting with us on Monday. She seems to be another one of us maniacs. Guess I have to go into work anyhow, right? Well, we're also taking out the admin assistant for helping us to lunch as a 'thank you' on Monday and there are only 3 of us so I had to go in anyway. Pauly has been sick with flu including Friday. Hope he's feeling better.

Wonder if my stone age computer will be fixed by then. Anyone want to bet? Heh heh heh I thought not...and why am I thinking about work now? Enough!

Off to do filing (oh the glamorous single life), laundry, then attack the scary room.

Hope your day was as good or better, world.

Hugs, Bridg


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