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Thursday, March 24, 2005

Things are only as important as I want them to be

Isn't that a nice line, world? It's from "I'm Free" (Jon Secada). Another oldie.

Well, found out the hard way that my profile was still up on some dating site. Deleted it, blocked the poor guy who wrote. Hope that's the end of it. If there are any men reading this, which I sincerely doubt, here is why sometimes women don't write back--we get scared. Simple. There was a really good reason for being scared but I won't go into it here. Suffice it to say that being 53, I now have enough experience to know fast when I'm headed for trouble. Have been locked into closets, stalked, you name it. Even wound up having coffee with a man who was charged (along with his son) with murdering his wife. I thought that he was kidding when he said that. Nope. I met the son's home room teacher two days after that, and it was allll true. He looked like Harrison Ford too (no offense, Harrison). PhD in biology, scuba diver, the whole bit.

World, hope your day was good. Mine started early, driving Mom to the hospital for tests and a class. Actually got a legitimate parking spot, was EARLY to work, and don't remember anything much that happened after that except lunch. Yes it is getting to that point. Except that the report that I had trouble with could not be fixed by the admin assistants or the help desk (computer whiz) guys. So I don't feel so bad about not being able to fix it myself.

Did do travel arrangements for the Boss (M) and me. No we are not travelling together, smut-minds!


Anyway where was I oh yes. Heard from Jer a lot. I think he misses home. It's not easy leaving a 22+ year relationship officially and starting a new life. I wish that I could do that for him, but at least I've been there (well OK my marriage was 9 years old but the processes are similar).

A long weekend. Yay. No M for 4 days--BOO. We had lunch with a mutual friend, who got lots of advice from M over lunch. It was about marriage/negotiation/couple stuff. Fun to listen to (no really it was) and for once, I kept my mouth shut. Was not sure at all that I could shut up that long but was quite glad that I did.

M is one of the smartest and nicest people I know, male or female. It makes that 1996 thing he told me about even worse. He said to forget it, it's long ago. I know it is but it still bugs me. Maybe that's a lesson to keep in the back of my mind. We sure are buds now and it has nothing to do with his looks (sigh they sure don't hurt tho) or his being my boss (if anything, that goes AGAINST him). It's just who he is. Fair, decent, principled, smart, funny and rebellious. Yep an all around great person. Oh yes manners too. So why was I so dismissive in 96? Probably because I thought that he was trying to tell me what to do. KOD (kiss of death) as far as I'm concerned. He mentioned today a story about a time ago, someone who had a crush on him. I laughed and said 'who doesn't'? No kidding world, it's probably a shorter list. Not that I am jealous, I am his fervent admirer and only want the best for him always. If it isn't me, OK, as long as he is happy, healthy and has what he wants and needs.

Dang wish it was me, oh well. Odd being in this position. Bet it's good for me (have you noticed that a lot of things that taste/feel unpleasant are?)!

Did mention to day that I think that God has a hell of a sense of humor. Not only did he make this guy I brushed off in 1996 MY BOSS, He gives me a crush on him! Way to go, Lord. Very funny. I get it, I get it!

Hey signed up for French language lessons today. Want to be in the same class as a pal but it's been sooooo long since I've spoken it that I'll probably have to be in a different one. You should have seen the amazed grin on his face when I told him about it. Made my day, let me tell you. I love making that man happy, and it's even better when it's a surprise. Will remember that look for a long time.

Made the mistake of buying chocolate on the way home--initially for Mom, then both of us. MAN do I feel full/guilty/fat. Not doing that again. Not today anyway. I feel large enough to have my own gravity field.

Other than having to eat out on Sunday and Monday, have no idea of what I'm doing this weekend and that is the way I LOVE it. It's really immature (or so I've read) but having plans is a drag to me. Always was, always will be. A luxury of being on your own--no one to coordinate with, accomodate, beg/plead/negotiate with and best of all, I get to control the remote.

And sleep in.

If the cat lets me, the brat.

All the best for the weekend to you world.


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