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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Sunshine Superman/woman/person

Hi world! Boy I think we're going backwards musically speaking. DONOVAN? Oh well what can ya say?

Super day today. Actually got stuff DONE. Mind you some of it was a few seconds ago, but I'm off tomorrow a.m. (getting car fixed). Was again glued to the computer but found time to drive M nuts. OK a little nuts. Gave him the last 2 days blogging to look at. I think he was going to s*it when he read part of it but I told him to keep going and he did (recovered nicely too). We are both happy with things going the way they are now. Really. Honest. At this point, kissing him would be like kissing my brother. That's a big change in a few months but that's where it's at.

I'm a fickle beast huh? Well I do still love him, it's just a different kind of love. Or a more mature one? Who knows! Certainly not yours truly.

Have any of you gone through something like this? If so let me know.

I am getting fatter and fatter even tho I am not eating more and am definitely not preggers. For one thing that would require sex (she falls over laughing) and second not to be in the phase of life that I am. OMG maybe I'd better check the back yard for three wise men and a camel or two?


Pauly brought in some short stories that he wrote. I laughed my butt off at one of them, the others--all of them--were magnificent. That guy just blows me away. If I had that much talent, you wouldn't be able to get my head through a doorway but not Pauly. Hey same with S. Wow I know some pretty hot folks.

Have any of you seen the movie Little Nicky? It's been on TV a few times here lately. I told M today about the pineapple and Hitler's butt part. So now I"m going to look for pineapple lapel pins. I am not kidding. He liked the idea too (sometimes you get into confrontations with the 'bad guys' here. Fortunately there are very very few of them). If you haven't seen that movie, it isn't a work of art but there are some really funny parts in it. I can't explain the pineapple bit here, it would ruin the impact.

Jer's in Vancouver and I miss him already, although bless his heart he's e mailed me at least 5 times and phoned. His voice is sooo mellow and soothing. Couldn't talk to him because of yet another #$^ deadline, but it was great to hear him anyway. The e mails are pure Jer too.

Can't think of much else that went on today. Did get to talk to sweet folks as usual, sun was brilliant, slept in a bit (YEA!), Mom's doing fine, got some very choice jokes...I only hope that your day was as good as mine. And that your diets are not as cursed!

Night world!!



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