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Thursday, March 17, 2005

Stuck In The Middle With You

Hi world, boy was today a hurricane in a hat.

Had the a.m. off to get the car into the body shop. Yeppir, don't remember if I blogged this or not, but while Mom was in the hospital, they (doctors) called the whole family in for a conference to describe how we should look after her. I was late, it was REALLY cold that day (-40 or something) so everything was ice. I was also off sick with trachitis. Anyway I was doing quite a rapid clip, went down the driveway to Emergency, slid on a curve and hit the only car on the road--the hospital's priest! He was 100 years old (about) and froze when he saw my car. Stopped dead in the road. Idiot. I just barely hit his car, only took off the body side molding on the back quarter panel of the driver's side. MY car, on the other hand, had $2500 worth of damage. Had to get it fixed, then had to get whatever they call the special finish protector put on it today (after the paint had time to cure). Am going to hell for sure.

He was a mean little @#$%^^ too. All he cared about was his 'new car' until I pointed out that mine was too. Oh well.

So this am, I gave myself an extra half hour to get lost finding the body shop. I didn't get lost, was early. So went to work early. Poor M was so very swamped and stressed. Told me later that he was beginning to freak out. Then I came in, and we did some very quick, intense and in-depth calculations. Figured out that this #$%^& workplan that we've been slaving over is calling for (ahem) $3.4 million worth of work in one year. No kidding, and that is the CHEAP scenario. And there are only 2 of us to do 40 studies??? Usual workload for a year per person is 5. We need more people. Knew that, but now there's definite proof.

After days like this we both go home drained. Fortunately I can just collapse and vegetate. He goes to play hockey (naturally he's the captain of the team) and also is a volunteer finance manager with a condo in another country (which is infighting like mad). Its annual meeting is tomorrow night. The man must just love punishment. I can barely cope with the one job.

Well, it's easier when you have a boss who supports what you do and knows what he's doing!

I've just begun worrying that M might leave. HIS boss is a mean little jerk who has not made M permanent yet, despite M's stellar performance. Only that guy would do something that .....dumb and small minded. He rushed to staff the Clown Prince, who was as incompetent as they come, but M--talented and productive as he is, the man drags his butt about. Go figure. It might explain why we've had so many losers as bosses and why turnover is so high. In the other half of our org, we actually had (get this) 100% turnover in 3 months. If M leaves, so will Pauly and I. We do have options, and M's boss is on very thin ice. Then he'll be stuck with 3.4 mill of work and no one to do it.

Gee think that turnover rate means anything?

Anyway, I decided to treat myself to pizza tonight, overdid it, and now am suffering. Know how you usually feel after Thanksgiving dinner? That's me now. Will need a forklift to get anywhere tomorrow.

Pauly had to leave almost when I got in so we didn't get to talk much. Jer bless his heart called and e mailed a lot even though he's on the other side of the country (MWAH!). Mom's doing great and sounding very chipper. I miss my sister, she's in L. Vegas but will be home this weekend I think.

This feels a bit like a storm coming. The plan will be so controversial, I feel like a pregnant elephant...

But at least spring's coming. And so is S, and he, I hope/think, is in good shape. Much better than I'd be.

Guess what I'm feeling is lonely. Odd huh? And oh so tired. And scared/worried for M and S.
Had a dream that I forgot to give food and water to my cats while I was away with the predictable results. Woke up VERY upset.

I'm in this angels group on Yahoo. They send out 'angel cards' every day. Today's was 'nurture'. Interesting huh? I thought so anyway.

Wish I could find a way to turn off this worry thing. Oh well. Guess what's needed is a good night's rest.

Night world, I wish you peace, I wish you love, I wish you rest and spring.



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