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Saturday, March 12, 2005

Steppin Out

For some reason, that song's lyrics remind me of my cousin (girl). Oh well, whatchagonnado?

The week ended on a high note, with the Dreamboss bringing over a potential new employee who is smart, nice, well-mannered and has a relevant background. She'll be a good example to LB (La Bitch). If LB is capable of learning, which I doubt given her lack of listening and 'couth'. She'll more likely just get jealous and competitive (and then leave?). Pauly is now calling her "she who must be dispatched". What a GREAT NAME! Anyway, enough.

S is doing well and coming into work soon, I sincerely hope. We got him set up with personnel and his own e mail account. Yay I can send him jokes again. So soon we will have double the people working with us that we have now. I can't wait....the workload is killing all of us now. Good thing that the clients are dears. REALLY. They're the best.

M (dreamboss) has the flu again. I'm very concerned for his health. We can't afford for this guy to be ill. Hope he recuperates this weekend. I'm kind of suprised that I"m not sick yet. GLAD but suprised.

Had to rush to get the cat to the vet for checkups hier soir. As I was running into the house, the damn doorknob came off in my hand. Nice. Slammed the door shut, got the cat looked at, then had to find someone to replace the doorknob. Would you believe that the first two people I called said to leave it till Monday and then try (TRY) to schedule an appointment to replace it???


The third place I called did come right away. They were new to Canada, did the work really well, cleaned up thoroughly, and put in a much stronger and nicer looking replacement. God bless them! As for you other two, take note.

Got up at 6:45 today. Have been getting up earlier and earlier every day this week. Must be sensitive to light or something. Am getting hair done at 1:00, going out with Jer and pals later, so it's a good thing I'm getting an early start.

Jer, if you're reading this, please tread very lightly on LC...you're working your way up to too much info again...

Back's killing me. Off to find Advil.



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