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Monday, March 28, 2005

Spirit In The Sky

Just saw The View for the first time. It's hilarious! They had John Edwards on it (I'm a semi fan of his), hence this title.

Not much to talk about yet. Got most of the housework done hier except laundry and vacuuming. Was going to do that today but figured why bother? Will do during the week when I'm bored out of my skull (note: Have not been that bored for months. I am not kidding. Ick). Did get some tequila chicken done. It is not as impressive as that sounds. I found the sauce bottled somewhere and just let the chicken sit in it for 2 days. Wow was it tender. No haven't eaten it yet, just put it in the freezer.

Completely changed the litter of The Most Spoiled Cat In the Universe. Now that might not sound like a big deal to you but for me it was. Do you know how much that stuff (scoopable litter) WEIGHS? It''s like wet cement! Had to triple bag it, and I am strong (well, I installed my own window air conditioners for years including lugging them up 2 stories from the basement. It beat waiting for my then bf to do it!).

Going to sister's today for dinner...this year am having 2 Easter dinners (oh sure I NEED to eat that much but TY everyone for the invites). Yesterday's wasn't too bad (at a nice restaurant with Mom). She kind of did her manipulation thing again, until I mentioned (on topic) that I saw her walk into the hospital on last Friday (a) not using her cane, (b) holding the cane in the wrong hand, and best of all (c) standing straight, not stooped over. It was funny to see that and kind of funny to bring it up. She does stuff like that to manipulate me but also to try to convince her doctors that she's in perfect health. Honestly all you can do is shake your head.

Do any of you who spend time with family need a day to recuperate before going back to work? I do. Won't happen this time. I love my sister, it isn't her, it's Mom who I love with all my heart. Coping with some of the stuff she comes out with is very draining. It's tough being of two minds at the same time. I love her dearly and want her to be happy, comfortable, and to be with her but at the same time, she drives me insane.

Also going to a wake tomorrow... my friend D's father passed away. He was 95. I didn't know him but am going for D's sake. No matter how old a parent is, it hurts when they leave us. I try to keep that in mind but she still drives me nuts! We didn't get to see her mother all that often (family issues, nothing to do with us kids) so she didn't go through this herself.

Hey at 76, you've earned some priviledges I guess, including driving your kids nuts.


Sometimes work is a vacation.

So how about some comments out there?

Am getting a lot less e mails from Jer (he reports that he is doing laundry). S I have not heard from in over a week and am worried...but he sees his doctor at the end of this month. M, well he's still M and unfortunately I'm still me. Have not yet woken up in some blonde model's body. Damn.

Where can one go to buy self-esteem?

Later, world!


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