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Friday, March 18, 2005

Samba Pa Ti

WOW World what a week! Sooo glad it's over and it's sunny and warm...

Very intense, insane, fast pace of work--and I"m used to that kind of stuff so this was SUPER nuts. But we got all of it done with our brains and relationships intact. And the first day of spring is coming.

Still a fair number of people dropping by to say hi (is this the universe's way of being comforting? It works). M and I are settled in our roles and MAN we are good working together. Have never had a manager or even colleague that I relate to like him. What I"m bad at he is good in, and the product when we collaborate on stuff is something amazing that neither of us could do alone. That's supposed to be what teamwork is, but how many of you have actually experienced that? I sure haven't. Well not much anyway.

Pauly and I fantasized a great revenge against M's boss in case he doesn't staff M. First of all, we both leave as a duo (that part isn't fantasy, it's exactly what we'll do no kidding). Then, we get the Olympics Committee to (I know this is not PC!) institute people tossing as a sport. The first one we'll toss is M's boss, and ONLY M's boss gets tossed by everyone. I could throw this guy pretty far and I"m not all that strong. Wonder what a catapult would do? Actually this could work with any target (ex husbands/wives/bfs/gfs, mean people, drivers who cut you off, you name it). Of course if he does staff M all this is off.

Wicked wicked wicked. It still makes me laugh thinking about it. Couldn't you just hear "You're fiiiiiirrrreeeddd" just before the splat?

Nasty girl I am.

OK off to feed the Bossiest Cat in the Universe. I am tired of her very vocal nagging.

Have a wonderful weekend, world!



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