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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Roll With It Baby

Hey world. Don't you just love Steve Winwood? Great lyrics.

Man the end of the fiscal year can be a nightmare. Or you can laugh at it, which is what we collectively wound up doing today.

None of us are in the accounting field (obviously, or else we'd be crying and having breakdowns, I think). About a year ago, we had a support person who decided to leave and closed down every account we had when she left, most of which were still quite active. Why? Who knows, she was an odd chick. Had been here for many years and by the time she left, guess she'd developed an attitude or two.

So today and for the past few days, I've been getting phone calls from clients who never were billed for work that contractors did BUT the contractors got paid! How did this happen? Beats me, maybe we've got a fairy godmother. There were so many of them that by today (the 6th or 8th case that I knew of) I just started laughing when yet another person would call about this kind of thing. In one case, someone completed a job without us ever having a copy of the contract (I bet one was not issued). How could this be? Simple, the idiot in charge of our place (NOT M) took all of the contract management away from the professional staff, and gave it to the strange chick, who was followed by a bevy of temps.

Yes we're dealing with it, thanks to an angel from another group who has been condemned to help us out.

The fact that we've had 7 people in that job since the strange chick left doesn't help. And another of the temporary guys, a very talented and classy guy, is leaving tomorrow. Why aren't we staffing him or the angel? Because the person in charge of staffing is either an idiot or hates us, and M's boss only gets along with subserviant single women (the candidate for people tossing as an Olympic sport? THAT guy! Want to vote with Pauly and me now?).

The universe helped tremendously. Got several e mails from friends, one of which I hadn't heard from since he retired about a year ago, Marc, and others just saying hi, wanting lunch and generally reconnecting. These weren't just any people, these are ones I really like and care about. The retired guy looks, acts and speaks like Clint Eastwood. He is so cool. Anyway, isn't that great? Just when you need help, there it is. Whoa.

Normally not being able to do my job (which is not contracting), would make me fairly hyper and upset. Not any more. M has turned me into a cool, civilized human being except when Pauly's around. Didn't notice until the end of today. The two of us (M and I ) were cracking up over all the slugs (accounting nightmares). We didn't even have to turn rocks over to find them, they're coming out of the walls. It was so wrong and so bad, you just have to laugh.

Have you ever heard of the Texas three kick means of settling disputes? It's a joke I got (again) today. A lawyer goes hunting on vacation in Texas, shoots a pheasant, which falls into a farmer's field. The farmer doesn't want to let the lawyer onto his land to collect the pheasant, and suggests the "Texas three kick" method of settling the dispute. The method is that each person gets to kick the other three times, then whoever doesn't give way gets their way. The lawyer agrees. So the farmer goes first. Kicks the lawyer in the gut, in the b*lls, and finally in the kidneys. The lawyer struggles to his feet, getting ready to kick. The farmer stops him saying "Nah, I changed my mind. You can go get the pheasant".

Tee hee hee (unless you're a lawyer). Well, I suggested using that approach on some of the folks causing us trouble in our professional committee.

Well why not??

Anyway it's a thought.

It beats people tossing but only because of the space requirements for people tossing.

Jer's back home. I hope he's OK..think he needs a good long rest. Pauly and I are both very swamped, so aside from little small naughtinesses we haven't done much. I organized a lunch for tomorrow to get M and Marc together. Marc doesn't know it yet but he is heading into deep deep do-do with a new boss (Son of Satan). M used to work for him. I can't express how bad/evil this guy is but M can so the quickest and fastest thing to do is lunch tomorrow.

Hugs, world. Thanks universe!



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