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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Rocky Mountain High

That title is for Jer, who is, as he puts it, a new person--new as of freshly recovered health from a near death experience plus let's say 'non-benign' neglect of someone who should have had his well being front and centre. Witch.

OK that being said, Hi World!

Today turned out to be one of those days when I just kept getting slapped in the face with a wet mackerel no matter what I did.

The loaner computer froze so bad this morning that it took 2 hours of work and updates to get it running again. Yes I'm a fast worker but it wasn't that...it was the freaking age of the computer (I think its last user was Moses). On top of that, the document I was working on is several months late, and for some reason its page numbers are roman numerals. Here I am trying to solve what amounts to WWIII via this report, and what is the problem? The PAGE NUMBERS???

Yah well, guess it had to be something!

Hey the shrimp scampi I made last night was fabulous (remember, I had to cook or baptize the shrimp?). Had it tonight and boy was it easy. This is a keeper recipe! Not that I splurge on shrimp all that often.

The crowning touch today was M. OK I'm back sort of in love with him, cold/flu and all. Anyway, on the way home last night, I got the feeling that he'd stay home today to get better. So I buzzed him on his cell to remind him that he promised to get better. I think from the way he answered the phone, and from what he said, that he thought that I was someone else (a very close someone else). That didn't feel good.

But leaving that aside, another GREAT moment today (she says in all sarcasm)! He told me that we first met in 1996, he offered to meet with me on the subject of a new kind of document that I was putting together and which he too had worked on. I told him some stuff then that sounded asinine, including that I'd consulted with an expert (that I hadn't spoken with) and that I had been a manager (true but I don't usually tell people I don't know about that). What a JERK I was! I don't remember that meeting at all. Those are the kind of things I would have done to get rid of someone I didn't like. I said so and he understood.

Oh do I feel like a piece of s*it or what?? Just can't believe that I said that stuff/told him that stuff. No wonder he sounded amazed when he told me last June that "you're a very nice person". It must have been an utter shock after that meeting.

Still shaking my head. How dorky can you get? Think that I might have gotten the impression that he wanted to be involved and/or control what I was doing, which would have ticked me off greatly back then.

Either he is remembering it strangely (not too likely) or I have changed 2000% since then (slightly possible). How very odd. Told him that I would feel bad for the rest of the day, week and month about that and I was not kidding. Still can't believe that happened. I am officially pissed at the person I was. That is not a great feeling.

Did mention to him this a.m. that he got the cold from too much sex. He laughed a little bit (he was calling from home at the time).

Know that song "Damn, wish I was your lover" or how about "I should be so lucky"?

Kickin' myself for nothing (and this is SOMETHING) IS my favourite sport!

Wish I had a time machine.

Night world.....Bridg, bootin' her butt again.


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