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Monday, March 14, 2005

Red Red Wine

Oh world! I have never blogged at you while under the influence but here it is, a mere Monday, and I am slightly blottoed. Also the world's cheapest drunk, at your service.

Honest I've only had one red wine glass full of Bailey's (think I could include them in advertising here? Naaaah). The reason? I have to do a few days' worth of work tonight on a subject I HATE. So naturally here I am talking to you instead of doing it.

Would have had red wine but am out. So here we are with Bailey's. It's better anyway.

Today was busy. VERY busy. Was in a meeting with dreamboss and hardly noticed the eyes/etc. except that we both got the giggles over slightly risque misinterpretations of what some poor professional, Z, said. Oh well, we're better now. The good part is that I didn't think of him in lusty ways (well not as many as before).

Jery took the day off to go skiing. I think he needed the release. I do too but I can't ski. So here I was drinking. That'll teach me. Jer's much smarter than I am (also taller, skinnier and cuter).

Anyway, at least one of the TNP (talented new people) will be here on April 11. My ex's birthday (black friday, we call it) but now it's a good day. About time too, Pauly and I are going to drop dead from exhaustion any day now and so will M if we don't get bodies in here asap.

But they're talented and coming here. Thank GOD.

OK back to today. Well, not a heck of a lot except for work, work, work and assorted wisecracks and insanity from Pauly and me. I thought that I'd killed my computer this a.m. and was all set to party about it (honestly) when the computer guy found out that I"d left a disc in my computer (idiot idiot idiot me!). He said that he would not tell the guys back at the HELP desk out of gratitude for all the good jokes that I send his way. And I didn't even know this guy.

OHHH man.....

Anyhow, guess I gotta do the overtime or get more Bailey's. Damn.

Anyone have advice for me? Other than 'here's a quarter, purchase a clue"?

Off to play one game of Spider, then workplanning (ptui!).

Night world. Hope you're having fun.


  • At 3/15/2005 06:30:00 PM, Blogger Witchy1 said…

    I log in daily just to read about your day. I love to hear about the romance (or semi-romance) with M (hehe)
    Advice: hmm, am I qualified? I'd say overtime with Baileys :)
    And I see you said "Spider" do you play pogo.com? I'm thewitch1120 if you do, add me and we can play some gin sometimes *wink*

    Thanks for the daily soap opera (smiles) Mine isn't as detailed as yours, or maybe mine is just more boring hehe

    Hugs and good luck


  • At 3/16/2005 09:22:00 PM, Blogger Bridget Jones said…

    Hi Witchy1! Never played pogo but will give it a try and look for you there. I'm addicted to Spider solitaire and mah jonng.

    I doubt that your story is more boring than mine. I'm just dumb enough to put it out there for everyone else to see. It's either THAT or scream.

    It is a soap opera isn't it? But kinda fun..and thanks so much for the comments. It's great to know that someone's reading this and getting a laugh/entertainment from it!



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