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Tuesday, March 01, 2005


Hi all.

It snowed like mad today. Should have been discouraging but wasn't. It took about an hour to get into work (usually 20 minutes) but with music in the car it wasn't bad at all. Big fat soft sparkly flakes. Kept up all day. The kind of day you'd like to watch from inside.

M was sick, poor man. Pauly was at home working. Jer bounced from up to down to up again. I wish I could ease this for him but that isn't how feelings work. So I was mostly on my own. Don't really like that but hey that's how it goes some days.

Had to deal with a colleague at work for the first time today from the other side of the house. MAN it was frustrating. Was working on several (4) things at the same time, have a big presentation to big shots tomorrow (and had not written it), and this guy tied me up in knots for20-30 minutes on a very simple thing that should have taken 5. Finally gave up, he went away to try writing it, only I found out later he tried to dump the job on someone else. She wouldn't take it. I gave it another shot, then talked to his manager. Turns out I"m not the only one who's had this experience with this person. Out of 3 people I spoke with, ALL of them went through the same thing. You know, when you talk and talk your head off, and he goes right back to whatever he thought in the first place? Language might be part of it. Frustrating. It finally got settled at 4:00 and was due at noon. I'd done my part of the task at 10:00. Then I found out he'd changed and messed up my part so I had to act fast. Have learned from this---stay away from that guy. Or bring Valium/Rolaids to work.

I still have heartburn from that. Literally.

Did finally get the presentation done. I've done it before but this is a more celebrated audience. Got other work done too but nothing finished. argh.I spoke with a friend who lost her husband a year ago. She sounded in her e mails like she was having a hard day so I thought I'd cheer her up. Teriffic lady.

Called Marc too. He is such fun to talk to. Used to work with us and I miss him. He's so calm, witty and dry. He, Pauly and I were a great combination.

The lady commissionnaire in the front lobby of our building (the one you can just barely see over the counter, she's so tiny) said this a.m. that her nickname for me is Sunshine. Isn't that a wonderful thing to hear right away on a snowy day? I sure thought so.

Next ran into a pal, Z, who was in line to buy coffee. She gave me a hug and wanted to get one for me but I took a rain check (M and I usually buy each other morning coffee and I was late). Could you ASK for a better way to start the day? I don't think so. Even given that M was sick today (I miss him when he's away, a lot!).

Going home tonight (with heavy heart, worried about presentation), Jer said he'd drive me to my car and brush the snow off. I argued that it wasn't needed, my office is so close to my car. He insisted, sweetie that he is. While waiting for him to pick me up, started talking with someone I see in the halls a lot who was waiting for the bus. Turns out he lives near me, so I gave him a lift home (buses were quite late today due to the snow). So we ALL brushed off my car. It sounds saccharine to say this but man people are great. Especially my buds.

I worry about Jer. He is going home to a house, not a home. That is a horrid feeling, reminds me of my marriage. Being single is so much better, I kid you not. There are MUCH worse things than being on your own. Being with the wrong someone is the worst kind of lonely I know. When I was younger, I thought that being single and alone was the ultimate in bad/to-be-avoided things. Then I got married and found out how wrong that was. Marriage is OK, just that one wasn't. Looked like it was to all and sundry but it was far from it. Things are not always how they look from the outside. Remember the poem Richard Cory? Like that.

Jer said that house-home thing tonight and it broke my heart. Said that we are working on fixing that. I'm very worried that he's talking himself into LC, going too fast for her. No matter what I'll be here. Can't protect people from everything but sure would like to try! Know what I mean? Mothers must know this feeling (I'm mom to one spoiled cat).

Fell asleep right after dinner and just woke up a few minutes ago. Hope I can sleep. Took something for it and I don't think it's working. Thinking about the day now doesn't help, I guess.

Hope M is better but if he isn't I'll handle it. Somehow (she groans).

Night world..hope your day was good.


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