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Monday, March 21, 2005

Lavender Blue, Lavender Green

OK world, we've hit a new low. GRADE SCHOOL SONGS!

Can't help it, this is what's running through my so-called brain. Just put on a pot of lentil soup to simmer. That stuff is easy to make and very heart healthy (not to mention filling). M has pneumonia, and if he is silly enough to come to work tomorrow, I'll bring in some for him. HIS boss also claims to have pneumonia but....sure sounds normal to me. Nuff said.

Computer at work died today. They had to hook up another one for me and it took over half an hour (I am not kidding) to open WordPerfect. Good exercise in patience, which I don't have. Argh. So I got to catch up on my filing. Ohhhhhhhhhh goodie. A new computer was ordered last week. Sure hope it gets in soon, otherwise I have a golden excuse for ummm spending my time at the office more creatively, shall we say.

Hope your weekend was great. Mine was OK ish. Got most of the housework done that I didn't do last week but laundry and vacuuming didn't make it onto the 'done' list. Sis is back from L.Vegas and she said that Mom doesn't pull that 'poke around the store' thing when she takes her out. Fine, the job is now officially hers. My back just can't take it. Neither can my 'patience'. Honest I love them both but....enough is enough.

Well for now anyway. Let's see how it works out.

It's spring here! Ice is finally going away and there's some green stuff under it! Is much easier to get up in the a.m. Still a bear sleeping though. Of course taking 4 hour naps does not help.

Jer and his nephews are into spring skiing big time. What do I do for fun? Laundry.

Well not for fun. Co-workers seem to like it!

My shrink says that spring is hard on me, spirits wise. Is anyone else out there in the same boat? I wonder if it has to do with the fact that it's hard (for me anyway) to get to sleep at night.

Oh well. If that's the toughest thing I ever have to deal with....

Geez there goes the timer. Later, world. G'night!



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