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Sunday, March 13, 2005

Just Another (non) Manic Monday

Only today is Sunday. Hi world! Hope you had a decent day?

Today was goof off day. Slept in till 8:30. Didn't go anywhere at all. Had lots to do inside, so much that I decided to nap. What the hell, the living room was full of sun, the cat was in the window enjoying the sun...and this is as close as I'm gonna get to a March break so the heck with it all. Did get trash done, litter changed, flipped mattress (I hate being on my own), changed linen, and got laundry done. But lots of mega work was needed...so naturally I napped.

Got an e mail or two from Jery. I'm glad he isn't ticked at me for snoozing off last night. That's a good pal. A very good much loved pal (big hug to Jer).

Got a lot of computer type stuff done. Answered two surveys that I was handed at Home Depot and East side Mario's; cancelled a spice order that never showed up (Man they're slow), did little things. This was before the nap. Don't know when it started...about 2 ish I think and ended when Jer called at 5:30.

Then called Mom. She didn't want to go out to dinner and was feeling down (cabin fever). I'll have to get her out tomorrow.

Got alll wound up in this Extreme Makeover espisode about Cassandra. An eight year old cancer patient who wanted to paint the hospital that she was in to make it more cheery for others. At the same time, a lot of volunteers decided to build them a new house because of all the health probs she was having in the old one. The builders even took care of the mortgage. I just could not stop watching this show, even tho it isn 't my fave. Cassandra was also making necklaces to sell to raise money for patients.

What an incredible kid and team. As one of them said, there's not one negative thing about that child. She's affected so many people in such a positive way. Hope that I"m doing that too. Had a lot of growing up to do in my 20s (home life wasn't exactly nurturing) but I'm well past that stage and have the kind of job that can help people. That's my goal. Don't want to be executive of the world (ick) or anything, just need to be solvent.

That in itself is a major goal! But let's not go there.

Anyway I needed to stop thinking about Dreamboss (M) and did for the day. That was a blessing but also I missed him so to speak. Hope he's getting better. It's alarming how long and frequently he's been sick recently. Well, it's a mercy that the rest of us are not, being down 50% during peak work time.

Sending you lots of love and strength, M. Health too. Surrounding you with soft green and turquoise aura.

And sending you Jer, lots of soft pink and green aura.

Are any of you out there in to crystals and minerals as health and spiritual aids? I am. Well, I've been trying it out for a few years. It mostly works, at least from my experience.

Cannot get over the impact that M's had on me. I'm getting back to my old self very rapidly. Jer's helping there too, guess it's a combination of the safe environment that M provides plus the support from Jer.

Man I am truly blessed.Thanks God for these guys and all the other graces and protection, especially on that flippin Queensway.....

Night world. It's been a quiet but good one for me, hope it was for you too.


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