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Wednesday, March 30, 2005


Hey world how's it goin? Love that duet (Guilty) even tho normally I'm not a fan of Baba's......

Today was a jaunt down the highway of bureaucracy but I had fun with it. One of the PIA's minions informed me that because it is the end of the fiscal year, they won't/can't continue funding a PIA project that I (as do-er of all things nasty, political, dicey and just plain UGLY) got stuck with doing. My solution and reply was quite simple. "OK we'll stop the work on it". Period. Also copied my boss and the contractor on the note.

Man you would not believe the phone calls and e mails that resulted from that one. Think I've hit on a brand-new way to drive nincompoops crazy (*taking a jaunty little bow as tomatoes fly over her head*). Think that the $s probably won't be an issue now. I might be but not the $s!

My boss, M the darling, thinks I'm funny/smart. Man I"m lucky he has a sense of humor. If my old boss was still here, I'd have been fired five times by now.

Hmmm. Maybe that's a mark of honour.

The stone age computer is still cranking out nonsense. Today it lost all kinds of e mail, unfortunately one of them being my travel arrangements. Fortunately I hate travel.

Unfortunately they insist that I have to go anyway.

Oh crap.

Anyway....HAD to be in the office, doing things on someone else's computer and finish by 11:00. I live an hour from work (including traffic delays) and woke up at 8:30 (slept in to spite The Most Spoiled Cat In The Universe, who decided to bite my fingers to wake me up starting at 6:00). Flew into work with wet hair, no makeup, no lunch and no coffee.

Truly a deadly undertaking.

Fortunately I have one swift car. Got there by 9:00 on the dot. No speeding tickets either, this time.

The computer I needed to use to do this work? Hard drive gone. As in physically not there. Noticed something wrong when I sat down to do the work ("what are all the wires doing down there?").

Begged another computer (are you counting? We are up to 4 now). Got the @#$^^ stuff done, and then found out they'd decided to give us 12 hours to do the work after all.

Almost had a few homicides 'round the ole cube today over that one.

Then had to chase down invoices for end-of-fiscal-year for M. Is this my job? Nope. Do I like nagging folks? Welllllllllllllll let's put it this way, I got invoices for everything in 2 hours and there were a few of them.

Oh oh I'm good at it.

Anyway, won't go into the rest of today, it's too demoralizing. Did get some very fine jokes, including one about a husband-day-care service that the government is starting up. Should have mentioned, most of my jokes are definitely not PC. Not bigot jokes either, we offend ALL equally and simultaneously.

So bottom line, world, it was on the boring side today except for the near war with the PIA.

Bet I"m on his hit list.


Night all



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