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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Fantasy//All Over The World

Hi World, that's a real cool piece of music too (Black Box), dontchathink? The second one isn't the Herman's Hermits one, it's more like Earth, Wind and Fire (everybody get the word).

Hope your Easter/Passover/Whatever was good and long. Have you ever noticed how long weekends feel REALLY short? Mine sure did. One of my buds at work said that she was taking a month off next time. I know exactly how she feels (burned out).

At Terry's--my one and only, favourite sister's- place, they celebrated my birthday a bit late. It was really very kind and nice of them, especially since Terry's partner had the worst cold I've ever heard. She said that she felt OK but it sure sounded bad. Anyway, Terry's almost a decade younger than I and a real hoot.

The more discriminating among you may have picked up a little attitude on my part? Terr makes me look like an amateur. And her step-daughter is making us ALL look like wimps. I really like that kid. She was afraid of failing grade 5 because of attitude. Hell that alone should get her promoted.

Today I had that 'don't go into work' feeling. Not the 'goof off' feeling, I mean the "you will explode with no warning" feeling. Was NOT in a bad mood, but once I settled in it got to me. The ancient, dying computer (lacking a key database which HAS to be updated within 2 hours of getting into work demain). Having to take a remedial French class because my grammar suffered so badly over the last 15 years. Dealing with manipulative, crabby managers (well, one but he's a real PIA--Pain In ---). Having 22 projects too many. Dealing with manipulative consultants who may or may not have a thing going with the manipulative crabby managers. OK now it seems kind of funny, but this a.m. it wasn't.

On the bright side, my wonderful gorgeous sunny boss took time out of his nonexistent schedule to cheer me up. We also had lunch together. This is a very caring and professional guy. Then I got to fight with the database. They can't even put it ON the stone-age thing I'm working on. I think the new one shows up tomorrow. I sure hope so, the crayons are getting worn down and my writing's the pits.

After going through 6 different people to get a Travel Authorization Number, finally found out that, contrary to our How To guide, the person sitting across from my boss is the one who assigns these numbers. And SHE didn't know it either. Don't you just love bureaucracy?

We are so broke that they want me to wait until Friday (April 1) to book a Sunday flight (no can do). Meanwhile, because we have had 7 people in the financial manager job in less than a year, we have had to return hundreds of thousands of dollars some idiot who no longer works here accidentally transferred to us. Duplicate transactions.

Something ain't right in Denmark, Henry. The big prob is that I care about it. However that could change.

Had to interview a PIA today who asked why I was there instead of the consultant, and went on to every stupider questions, which I handled diplomatically. I really wanted to send him to the moon but for some stupid reason that is illegal. This was at the end of the day. The interview took 1.5 hours, 0.5 of which was just yacking, 1.0 of which was a test of my patience. This PIA's first name is Bob, and afterwards I could not stop thinking about the Bill Cosby routine about Bob the Car Mechanic. Now I won't be able to get those #@$^ overalls out of my head the next time that I have to deal with this marvelous human being.

Oh I'm sure his mama loves him.

From afar.

Anyway, a pal's father died recently at the age of 95. The wake was tonight but I just couldn't take it after the day that I had (and I had not even spoken to my pal or her family). Will send something instead. Still feel guilty though.

The moron and I do mean MORON who runs the parking lot I used to park in, and which M still does park in, called me again at work today, now asking for $180 for parking in Feb and March. I have not parked in his lot for those two months, but he wants payment anyway. He used to ask for $90 until the end of March came around. I asked M to change my work phone number, seriously. He will give the guy one last chance to clean up his act. M bravely volunteered to be the go between between me and this idiot. Thank God for M! I wanted to get my lawyer to send him (the moron) a 'cease and desist' letter, but M said to wait until the guy does something else besides phone. I don't think that I can stand it much more, he's been doing this at least once a week for months, and much more frequently than that in January. He's either demented, stoned/alcoholic or 'all of the above'. Scary.

All I was capable of at the end of today was dragging my sorry and sizeable butt to the car to leave ce soir. The bright part was telling the boss 'hugs' and getting the same answer back, warmly. That man is truly an angel.

Spring's coming. You can feel it in the air. Just wish that the entire world could be on spring break together. For about a month.

Except the moron.

Party time!

Night world.

p.s. Jer told his parents about the upcoming split! As I predicted, all they cared about was HIS happiness and they're cool.

Knew it knew it knew it!
Yay Jer Way to go.


  • At 3/29/2005 11:20:00 PM, Blogger 123-I-Love-You said…

    Bridget - thanks for your kind comments on my blog. Feel free to link me up!

    "I'm sure his mama loves him. From afar." --->hilarious. I know plenty of people that would fit into this category.

    Great blog!


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