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Saturday, March 12, 2005

Even the Bad Times Are Good

Hey I'm getting comments on the blog! Somebody besides my buds read it YIPPEE! But if Dreamboss (M) ever knew he'd freak royally, so it's a secret OK? Among us? I'm so glad and honoured.

Found out from one of you that Advil can hurt your liver. MAN thanks for telling me that! Had no idea and will watch it. Wonder if rum is ok? Ha ha ha just kidding ;). These sleeping pills can't be good either but I only have to take them for a month. This happens every year, then every year I forget about it. My bro's worse than I am--he goes to bed at 5:00. My latest night was 4:00 but that went on for 3 weeks before I started getting ...ummmmm....weird.

OK back to today. Got up at the grand hour of 6:45. On a weekend, that is like saying that hell officially froze over. Jer and I and pals were to go to a blues club tonight. Sort of down and dirty, upstairs, small (think 'smoky'), bricky dark little place where the big names in blues come in this town. Believe it or not, Ottawa does have a (good) name for blues.

So off I go to get jeans and something to go on top of it. Then groceries and even get my hair done (I looked like a brown and white zebra). Come home and FALL ASLEEP. So didn't go to the blues thing. I feel so bad for Jer. Here he is skiing all day, missing LC, looking forward to going out and Miss Spark Plug falls asleep on him. Sorry Jer, I will make up for this.

And ever since I woke up have been sick. Nice. M has the flu, and who's living in the bathroom? ME! Well if it makes you better, M sweetie, fine. Just don't get STDs, OK? Don't want to have those for ya.

Damn those are nice jeans too.

One of the guys at work has eye probs, big time. As a joke (he has nooooooo sense of humor, well OK a little one) Pauly and I started calling him 'Popeye'. Mean right? Well I said that they could call me LardButt every time we call this guy Popeye. And in those jeans my butt looks not so bad.

IMO anyway.

Man I missed M today. Thought about him all day when I wasn't asleep, in the bathroom or shopping. At dinner (March 9, a day that will live forever), he kept looking me right in the eyes. I didn't dare look back because I KNEW he'd see how I feel. It's moved from the hormones thing (well, mostly) into something a lot deeper. He'd know in a second. Come to think of it why NOT let him know? Not letting him see just told him the same thing anyway. When he, Pauly and I brainstormed on Friday I was sitting right next to where he was standing. OK I looked at his butt. Poor man. And poor Pauly having a front seat to that! Sorry Pauly. I'll behave next time.

Yah right. No really I will.

This drives me nuts. I can't tell if he is just saying 'friends' or if he means it. He's so good at hiding things. OK the only thing I can do is to do what strikes me as right and that won't drive me nuts. Talk about a rock and a hard place. But there is NO WAY I could sleep with that guy and not want to always be with him. It's like, if we start something, it would be for keeps. And he's not uncomfortable enough to leave home now. It is beginning to look like he's questioning that though. I can tell from the things that he said at dinner and the things he does.

Saw an old pal at the hairdresser's today. She'd just come back from Barbados. I am so jealous could have strangled her but she's OK. Anyway, she noticed that my hair's a lot thicker now. I lost a lot of it when the previous boss was working with us (his name is the Clown Prince. All hands and leering, no brains at all. He had a second nickname, Bumble). Since the Clown Prince left and M came to work with us, our stress levels are WAY down. My blood tests are the best they've ever been, Pauly's too, and my hair grew back (it fell out when Bumble was our boss--lasted 2 years).

Man M just can never leave this place. You know, like Hotel California (that one was Pauly's idea)? Maybe if he stays long enough I'll get skinny again. I sure want to for his sake, and we have two cuuuute women joining us. One of them is a buddy and when we're together he looks at her with these puppy dog eyes.

Am I jealous? Nope. She's getting married this summer, is totally unaware of those looks (THAT part is funny), and M and I are so tied together mentally and emotionally that it's not anything to worry about. Separated at birth.

But I did buy healthy stuff for groceries. You know, the stuff you usually get and never eat? Well, this time I'll eat it (pears, oranges, berries). Honest. Have to get rid of this blubber. Summer's coming (allegedly). It's bad enough being old(er) and thin haired but add fat to that? So now I'm the same age, hair looking normal and now have to work on the fat. Re age, well he is older than I am. Even tho he has a thing for blondes, his wife isn't blonde.

My younger nephew called because we didn't have time to talk before. How cool is that for a 20 year old engineering student? Man I was blown away. And he's fun to talk to too. Kind of makes me wish I'd had kids but God knows how they would have turned out. Will have to be satisfied with The Bossiest Cat In the Universe (who at this moment is yowling. Even leaving the TV on to keep her company while I'm blogging is not good enough for her). Actually I was pregnant at one time but miscarried in my fourth month. Would have had twins. That was in the late 1970s. Would LOVE to have HIS kid but .....oh let's not go there. I'll just drive myself nuts.

So what's on for tomorrow? Cleaning up the house (vacuum it once a year whether it needs it or not), laundry, some cooking (I've been bringing in soup for M and me for lunch. He made the mistake of saying that he likes it), you know the usual weekend stuff. Might take in a movie, I need a change of pace.

Mom's OK so far. My sister is in Las Vegas this week. Actually the entire PLANET is somewhere warm this week except M, Pauly and I. I want to be where Pauly and M are. But hell I wish that was on a beach! And Jer too. All the ladies on this beach, however, would have to be fat. REALLY fat!

Am taking S to dinner for a few-days-late birthday celebration. That made M say that I like to heal people (well try to). He, as usual, is right. But this poor baby's been hurt so badly. Can't wait for him to start working with us. He has an electronic mail account now so I can send the jokes there (I run about 65 joke directories). Am sure he needs them. He looks a lot like Keannu Reeves, and my other (older) nephew looks like him too. And they're BOTH cool guys.

Night world. Am off to try to go to sleep yet again. Keep your fingers crossed for me, OK? Like maybe I could get stuck in an elevator with M? Nah with my luck I'd have to pee really badly.



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