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Saturday, March 26, 2005

Don Quixote

Hey World. As you might have noticed the song titles I use are not really linked to anything but mood. This one is G. Lightfoot's version.

Spent all yesterday in sleep, really. Got up at some stupid hour (thank you, Cat!), fell asleep after breakfast and woke up at 6:30. Was definitely tired. Everyone I work with has either very bad flu, bronchitis or pneumonia. I am not exaggerating. Oh, except me. hmmmmm

So today should have been a day for cleaning, cooking etc. Nope. Just got groceries and came back here. It was sunny, warm...no I didn't nap but just zoned out. Oh yah started working out with weights (like I used to). The last time I was this tired, the heart thing happened. Oh well, if it does it does and I'll have some time off (grin).

Heard a lot from Jer. He went through an amazing amount of moods in one day but wound up in a good place, thank God. His parents flew his live-in to be with them (DUMB IDEA, 'RENTS!) and the poor man is trying to cope. I would just have flown home but that's me. Never at a loss for a smart ass answer.

WEll world, uneventful as it's been, I'm off to sleep. HOpe your day was peaceful....Bridg.


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