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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Classical Gas

and I could use some! Hi BlogWorld, hope you had a very fine day.

Mine started off late but I made up for it by breaking some ground speed records. Got from where I live to work in 13 minutes. Definitely dented a limit or two. Am still using stone age computer but did get a lot done. Not the big number 1, 2, and 3 things that I HAD to get done but the time limited ones.

M is still sick and still at work. I can't believe that man. He will wind up with pneumonia yet, and he didn't get antibiotics either. I described how to tell if sinuses are infected, and his are (all swollen too). The soup I brought in did seem to help him (and he bought me a sandwich)--it was lentil soup, my fave (we had lunch together). There is so so much work to do I just can't focus on anything else. Plus I have to go out west to interview a friend and ex lover. I am 100 pounds heavier than the last time we met, so I am not at all looking forward to this, except that he is very classy, kind and above making rude comments. And gorgeous and smart of course. These types of guys just keep showing up in my life when I'm least able to...oh you know!

M gave me one of those shiny eyes looks today. I pointed it out to him as I left the office. But I called him on the way home (left at the same time, as usual) and I think that he thought that I was someone else at first (a gf). Kinda broke my heart a little but I"m supposedly past this stuff.

Awwww who am I kidding? Well it is much easier to take. Not in a romantic way, no WAY I'd put up with that. Not worth it. But those eyes. "When your eyes throw light at mine, it's enough to change my mind. Make me leave my cautious words and ways behind...."

Back to work--I spent most of the day doing stuff for M and others as favours. All of it kept me from finishing my job, and that's the story of my life in anutshell. What an appropriate word--nutshell.

Hey made a new dish tonight. Was going to be tequila shrimp but changed my mind and made shrimp scampi instead. MAN was that EASY. Love it. Have more shrimp I bought on sale that will use the tequila sauce on instead. Had to either cook the shrimp or baptize it tonight. So when I woke up from what is becoming my customary nap, I started cooking.

Have GOT to get this energy thing under control. Need sleeping pills to sleep (spring is always really really bad, on my own don't get to sleep much before 3-4 and get up at 7), can function fine at work but it's so draining that all I can do is collapse at home. Did I mention that the normal workload per person is 5 and I now have 25? Actually 2 more got added lately I just haven't been able to start them.

arrrrggghhh I'm a professional and this is driving me nuts. I don't think that the computer broke down as much as gave up. Should I take a hint from this?

ha ha ha

Well world, with my shrimp scampied, I'm off to bed. Have had lots of lovely blackberries from Jer, it's so comforting. And my wonderful, irreplaceable and irrepressible pal Pauly. And of course.....M (MWAH!).

Night all!


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