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Sunday, March 06, 2005

Check Out the Crab In The Bucket

Hi world, don't you love that song? Wow.

It's snowing outside but inside it's spring as far as I'm concerned. Had to get the cat shaved, so naturally it is as warm as the Sahara in here to keep her healthy. This is now a clothes optional house.

Didn't get all I wanted to done hier, mostly because I got hijacked by my mother. We're being joined for dinner on Sunday by Jery. No biggie (except that Mom wants us as a couple), but to her it is and she HAD to get her hair done for the occasion (argh). Took from 2:00-5:00, can you believe that? Wasn't very happy about it let me tellll you. It'll pass, it's a little thing.

In the hours that she was getting her hair done, I did grocery shopping for both of us (and I wonder why I'm going broke). Since she's not eating enough and has lost 20 pounds that she didn't need to, I got her alll kinds of fattening but good stuff. Quiche, french onion soup (all this stuff is frozen, she just has to microwave it), about 7 other frozen meals with tons of calories, two huge boxes of home made cookies, orange juice (low pulp) with added calcium, and 5 big cans of soup including cream of asparagus and cream of mushroom. And unsalted cashews and cheddar cheese microwave popcorn. THAT should do it! She also gets Meals on Wheels. Don't remember the rest of it but it came to $88 so it was a large order. Good.

Also finally remembered to get my license plate sticker and put it on the car. I always leave that till the last moment. The mall where the machine is to get the sticker has The Most Dangerous Parking Lot In the World. It's full of seniors, who I swear shut their eyes tight, and floor the gas pedal. It is a scary place and I hate going there, even though it's a great mall. I love old folks, it's not that, it's the freakin' way they 'drive'. You can't predict what nutty things they're going to do behind the wheel next. Let 'em, I say, just no where near ME! Or people I care about.

I did let all this frustration drive me to gorging on pistachios. Man those things are deadly. I'm still in pain. Serves me right.

Have to break down and vacuum the place. I hate hate hate that task and put it off for months but now the cat hair is bothering even me (to look at. GROSS). Sigh. Anyone want a job?Oh yah lots of cooking, laundry, etc. Whoever thinks that singles have it good should live here for a week. Oh enough whining.

I do have the best pals in the entire world. Family great too.

OK off to do housework.



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