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Saturday, March 19, 2005

And Flowers Never Bend With The Rainfall

Hey world.

Have been e mailing Jer out in B.C. for the past few days, with Simon and Garfunkle lyrics. He'll type in the start of something and I finish it along with other assorted nonsense.

I've been working at night as well as day for the past few weeks, and decided to take today off. Went and bought a bunch of silly stamps for the office ("confidential: read this and I'll have to kill you", "f'ing urgent" and B---s---) as well as desk toys (the ones with colored waters and oils inside them? LOVE that stuff. They're all sitting around me now. Wonder if I was blind in a previous life? Sure cannot get enough color. One of them flows UPWARD. Cool.

Also took Mom shopping. BOY is that hard. She moves so slowly that my back gives out 1/3 of the way through the store. Ouch ouch ouch. Don't know how SHE stands it! But somehow we've managed this far. Talked to her sister/my fave (only!) aunt today too. It is unbelievable how bad medical care is where she lives. Thank God her husband is a doctor (not cardiac unfortunately but still). She had so much fluid around her lungs that she couldn't breathe for at least 2 weeks. Can you imagine feeling half-alive like that? My uncle took her in and they finally drained it. What happened to 'first, do no harm'? Harm can be caused by neglect as well as action. Grrrrrrrrrr.

Really had to fight the impulse to work today--there were articles related to my very late studies in the news paper today. TWO of them. Arrgh this is anguish. But if I give in, I'll turn into the workaholic I used to be.

Nope. Been there, done that bought the f'in T shirt FACTORY.

Looked for pineapple lapel pins. No dice. Probably too early in the warm season. Bought very sharp dinner knives, naturally pricked a finger and since I"m on anticoagulants, am still bleeding hours later. Smart, Bridg.

Today appeared to be 'stupid driving day' in my town. You know, when everyone cuts everyone else off, slams on the brakes for no reason, or just stop dead in the middle of a lane (again no reason), cut across several lanes of traffic without looking, etc.? Full moon behaviour without the full moon. Given that, I don't see why it isn't MANDATORY to drink and drive.

OK OK just kidding....

Did think about M again but not in that way that's entertaining. It's becoming hard to do that. I have no idea why...it's very hard for me to get interested in anyone romantically, then he breaks through and 10 months later I turn off (naturally he has teased/tested...wonder if that's why things changed? Or is it the workload? Oh give it up Bridg, it doesn't matter!). Can't imagine where this is going. But the two psychics did tell me that M and I weren't romantic but sort of 'teacher-student' and that sure is how it's turning out.

Sigh. That's me, eternally frustrated.

Have GOT to stop talking to myself. Or at least not argue with myself in print.

Could start with the damn cat. How would you like to be woken up by getting a good tough SWAT in the tip of the nose when you're deep in slumber?

How the @#$#^& did she think of that? Beast.

Bet she stays up at night trying to think of ways to scare the sh*t out of me in the a.m.



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