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Thursday, February 17, 2005

You're So Vain

Can you believe it? Well, I knew that yesterday was too good to last. I got a semi threatening phone call from the idiot who runs the parking lot. Called the police and they said that they'd have a chat with him. If he does it again, will change my work phone number. I don't scare easy but he scared the @#% out of me today. Just what you need to start the day!

Had a great meeting--supposed to last a few hours and ended early! Saw pals, learned things--just the kind of thing that strokes the old brain. Did get one rush project done, but I have to admit that I was rattled the rest of the day because of old idiot there.

My dear pal Pauly took me out to lunch as a treat/cheer-up and boy did it work. We laughed ourselves silly. What a tonic. Thank you so much Pauly. And tonight my lifelong pal J called. Someone up there's looking after me, and thanks so much for doing it.

M got a bit 'hissy' today. He was really tired, and told me a story about a man we both dislike, who brought in skinny (old) pictures of himself to show M and the gang. I happen to have a skinny photo of me on my office wall, where you'd have to look hard to see it. The reason is to KEEP ME FROM EATING AT WORK!! Lunch is my downfall. Guess M noticed it today. It's hardly a glamorous photo--the cat liked to chew it. It's full of teeth marks. Oh well.....and on it goes.

I don't care if he saw it or not OR what he thinks. Man there's no conceit in HIS family (he got it all). Not sure I'll correct his misimpression--he probably wouldn't believe it anyway. But mayhap he'll learn over time that "I'm not that chained-up little person still in love with you". Conceited ---! Must be hard to be that perfect. Oh well, not my prob.

Am taking Mom into the hospital for cardiac rehab. She has to be there at 7:30. This is going to be cute. I'm not exactly an early riser. Well, keep your fingers crossed folks. Mom sounded great, TYL (Thank You Lord)!

In retrospect, this was a fantastic day. Lunch with my pal Pauly, a call from J, Mom in good health and getting stuff done. Contended wtih 1.5 idiots today but survived it. Nice going, me.
LOL. Night world, it's off to bed for this pencil warrior.


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