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Monday, February 28, 2005

That's What Friends Are For

OK Gang, today's a really good day...hope it was with you too. There is tons and tons of work, so much that even if I worked 24-7 it'd take me a week to get all of it done (and it wouldn't be done well, I'm in a heavy-thinking job). That's comforting in stupid way.

Got lots of reassuring info from others, which was a big help. Could see that M was very different--stressed. That lightened later on, due to some of of my info and other stuff. Pauly's working at home tomorrow :( but at least he's here! Haven't see LB at all which is fine. Stupid situation and it makes me feel awkward but...not everything is my fault! Don't like calling her LB, have to think of another name. The office is, with that exception, a safe place. All the clients and colleagues are friends. I'd be pals with them no matter where they worked. That's such a comfort and warm feeling like you can't believe.

Did get a lot done. Didn't have one romantic thought at all except that M has great eyes. Met with some really sweet client folks and they made my life so sweet. Did give the prezzies to the parking lot guy. He was very surprised. Happy too I hope. Told a few folks about what he did. Good news deserves to be spread, IMO.

Hope S is OK. Left him a message, am starting to get very concerned. Think he and his gf broke up, which is something that no one needs at a time like this. Could not stand it if anything happened to him also.

I realized lately that I know more departed people than my 76 year old mother. Isn't that odd? But I do. Out of the 40 or so, only 4-5 took their own lives. But still it makes you think.

Jer worked out another song. It's a howl of pain, but he needed to let it out. It is so great to see him grow like this. It's like seeing a rose open. Glad I'm with him on this journey, and am amazed at all the very good folks that joined in too. When you go through #$^^&* you find out quickly who your friends really are. The others take off and frankly it's great that they do, although very painful at the time. It's kind of like making a sword--being passed through a flame does make you stronger. Hurts like hell but in the end worth it.

M and I were talking about Jer and the other L (LC--the good L). He said that couples need to be different too, opposites attract. Well, not always. My ex and I were/are opposites in most ways. Jer and LC have their sports interests in common. He's a songwriter and she isn't. But she does make candles--there is some arts-ness there. They are cut from the same cloth. They're both so calming, just to be around. It's remarkable how similar they are that way. But LC's got a wild streak in her--she and I have that in common. Jer has a silly, but not wild, streak. That's a great combination. M and I? We are or were separated at birth. Finish each other's sentences, speak each other's thoughts. He'll ask me to do something, and I'm in the middle of doing it anyway. Very odd but nice. I do love him but it's turning into not romantic love. I can't explain it very well. Can't say 'hero worship', that isn't it. Isn't a brother thing but that explains it best. Every once in a while that romance thing 'spikes' into my heart. But it goes away. I wonder if it's fear or something else? That Miss Universe thing pretty much did romance in, I think.

Jer and I were at dinner last night. He is the only man I trust, and he said the same about me and women. Romance is out of the question, we know each other too well, and too long, for that. We are definitely bro and sis.

Well, I can't think anymore. Time for dinner.

Night world....thanks for visiting.


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