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Monday, February 21, 2005

Sometimes You Can't Do It Alone

I think that's the name of the really cool U2 song Jery introduced me to. Can't get it out of of my head--love that song!

Driving today SUCKED! Took me two hours to get into work. And some of the drivers on Baseline Road should have their heads (or butts) examined. Sheesh. But got in there eventually.

Got to see Pauly, actually we coffee'd together. M joined us and it was actually not unpleasant. We managed to convince him (not planned) that something he'd planned could backfire big time. He agreed to rearrange things, but I think that the horses are out of that barn. But at least he listened. Looked like hell too, poor thing. I had sent him the words to the title song, because he'd been making noises again about retiring on Friday. Of course he had not read it yet. But he HAD noticed that I sent in work late Friday night. I explained that it bothered me not having things finished and that I knew he'd need it Monday a.m. Then it turns out that that meeting day was changed. No one knew. Oh well, it WAS a Monday!

I had to fix something I had done in a rush because I was doing M's work for the last 2-3 weeks. Took me all day but when I was done I had a 'first of its kind' product. So I'm kinda proud of how it turned out. Boy tho am I beat. Also had to meet with M on his project again.

Jer called a few times. He is so giggly and happy it's insane --and really really good. So is L. They are the best folks. I want to get them, Pauly and his wife, and L's sister in law together for a music night. They're all music types and very compatible, I think. L and Jer are all for it, I hope I can talk Pauly into it.

M went home early, so did Pauly. I was left with LB (La Bitch) alone but thank God she stays away from me (now that she's taken a few stabs at me and got caught doing it). This feels bad but I'm sick of worrying about something I didn't start and want no part of. All I want is peace.

It was great to see L again, and of course Pauly.

M didn't remember going on about retirement again. I reminded him, then said that my reaction was 'here we go again'. He said that he was tired/stressed. He'd woken up having stress dreams last night. I had had dreams--NOT SEX ONES--about hanging out with Steve Segal. Isn't that cool? M was totally unimpressed. He didn't want to talk about his dream, only that it was a stress one. He did mention that his wife and he are waking up in the night from arthritis pain these days, so I wrote down the name of an excellent supplement and dose. One of my mother's pals passed that word on to me and DANG she was right. He thanked me and I said that no one should suffer like that. I've had surgery for arthritis, and this stuff got rid of 98% of the pain, it's that good.

Have not called Mom yet but then...if something's wrong I hear right away so they must be OK. Am going to bed early because I have to go to The Most Boring Meeting On Earth tomorrow. Three hours of torture, about a program that we barely take part in, done by some of the worst consultants in town--and it starts at my favourite time: 8:30. ARGH why can't meeting organizers do the decent thing and schedule marathoners for afternoon? Oh I know why--no one will go! Never mind. Those jokers don't even supply coffee! I do get to go with a very decent person, Joanne. She said she'd bring a 6 pack. Not sure it's enough but it's a start (ha ha ha). Usually the same people never go to the meetings. They wise up after one and send some other sucker. We don't have enough victims I mean staff to do that.

Well world, it's been a quiet day. Actually it feels like the lull before the storm, literally. Hate that feeling but what are ya gonna do?

If there is reincarnation, I want to come back as my cat. Dang she's got it good (grin).

Night world.


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