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Monday, February 14, 2005

Shot Through the Heart and You're to Blame

Had an even MORE spectacular day today. Thought I had a freakin' dentist appointment (I didn't, it is not for 2 more weeks). Rushed into work after a not so great weekend. Mom insisted on going grocery shopping, had an angina attack--a big one--in the middle of it. Scared the #$% out of me, and it was pretty tough to manage. Turned out OK in the end but a horrid end to a week. So I get into work, and M (Gorgeous Boss, remember?) told me (a) he'd bought a coffee for me (yay) and (b) he'd invited the Bitch to go to a particularly tough meeting that we had on in the afternoon. That meant a cast of thousands (6) at what was supposed to be a delicate negotiation (2)--including the Bitch, who can't keep her tactless mouth shut under any circumstances. I was furious and confronted him on it. Said that he is biased where this one is concerned, and if she did keep her mouth shut I'd buy him a coffee.

I could see by his expression he was interpreting this as a challenge to his boss-ship. It wasn't. This woman is a prize winning idiot and so was the man we were meeting with. I called my pal P at home (he was sick). Told him about the meeting. He had had a talk with M on Friday about the Bitch, and as a result M decided that (a) he--M--would manage the woman himself as he committed to do months ago; and (b) that the reason that P didn't like the Bitch was because I didn't (I'm A).

That didn't sound like P at all. So we talked ce matin. Turns out I'm right, P told M that we (P and A) are a LOT alike, and what bothers me, bothers him and vice versa. I let M know that...and he said that I had misunderstood him. BS again! I remember very clearly what he said. P is being courted by our old boss, someone I'm not nuts about, to go back to work for her. I asked P to put us as a 2 for 1 deal (if he goes, I go too). This means a big cut in pay for me, about $18,000 a year, but I don't want to work in a group full of bitches.

This woman is killing our office , taking credit for other peoples' work, bad mouthing us behind our backs and doing no work (actually the little she did is so f'd up it's taking me hours to fix it). On top of it, this charmer is loud, obnoxious, very opinionated and rude. A real prize. Why is she here? She's francophone. That's the only 'in' I can see, unless she and M are an item. Nahhh, he'd have to be deaf to put up with her. P said that if it were he, he wouldn't go. I thought this an excellent idea--if the Bitch is so great, let her perform. I asked M and he agreed. The meeting was over in 20 minutes.

This is getting tired. I"M getting DAMN tired. I have a life to run, I'm way over loaded (we're down 2 people--one quit, one's sick). I have a very sick Mother to contend with plus a private life (despite what GB thinks) and health issues on top of that. I don't need the hassle of dealing with a first class asshole PLUS a boss who thinks that she's gold.

M and I talked about The Bitch in the afternoon. He had a hard time believing she's that bad. I said fine, if you want to manage a group with her in it, it will not have P or A in it. Do whatever you want. It's his perogative to hire who he wants, and its ours to work where we want. He didn't like that. Wants to make up his own mind and so far is not impressed (yah, that'll change, give it half an hour). He is confusing pride/rank with common sense. I am so so so tired and ready to give up. Any other normal person would have seen through this idiot in a month. We've had 6 of them. And yet the man has to see for himself. Well, this afternoon while she was being 'coached' she was standing over him and his chair. Cozy. Like she was trying to hatch him.

Sick. He asked me if I was in a bad mood because of Valentine's day!!! I explained that just because I am single does not mean that I lack male attention. I have more than I want of that. I don't think he believed me, but I sincerely hope that's that. I don't want to have to make introductions. Even the non-pretty, non-gorgeous have lovers and friends. Guess he can't understand that.

My ex was like him that way. I happened to be very good looking then, and I couldn't stand his attitude. No one wants to be a sex object to the person they marry. It's degrading.

He (M) hit on a woman manager twice during two different meetings on Friday. I was at both of them. The woman rolled her eyes the second time he did it. His ego's so big he didn't even notice. I sure did, I was facing her and worse than that, sitting next to her boss. It was embarrassing.

The man is a jerk about women. He can't help it, he just is. Otherwise, he has manners, poise, and intelligence. But with women...I just don't want to be in the room if there are attractive blondes around. It's too much to handle. And it kills my respect for him. Well, OK it wounds it.

He was very unhappy about the type of day it had been. There were other 'scandals' underway. I took steps to get action on some of them. And somehow managed to get a lot of work done. But as we were leaving he said that days like this make him want to retire. He said he'd make up his mind tomorrow.

Now what am I to say to that? Oh please stay, flirt with and manipulate me---make me pine and droop over you so that you can continue to reject me? Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh don't think so.

I was silent except for saying 'oh-oh'.He walked me most of the way to my car. I gave him a brief hug, tried to make him feel better. He tolerated it. We chatted for a bit and I asked if we were cool. He said something about work---like 'there's lots to be done' or something stupid like that. I objected, saying that in older times, he would have said "it's okay'. He didn't, and repeated the work thing. And said 'goodbye' in a very clear, cold way.

I turned and walked away. OK that's all, that's it. He hadn't noticed, I guess, that romantically/flirtically speaking, I'd said goodbye a week ago. The day I decided to not kill myself. Guess for some folks it isn't over till they think it is, regardless of what the other thinks.

Or maybe it doesn't matter what you think unless you're blonde/pretty?


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