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Sunday, February 20, 2005

Rattle and Hum

My head's full of U2 but it's all good. Jer called at (OMG) 7 this am. Needless to say I was not awake. Don't remember what we talked about but it sure wasn't long!

Woke up at 10:25. THAT felt good. Jer was to come over at 4:00 (wanted me to check out something for him). Since I never get dressed before noon, that gave me about 4 hours to get groceries, find fig juice (failed. Went to 10 f'ing stores and struck out), gas and wash the car (well got the gas. Line too long for wash), and shop in the Market.

Forgot about flipping Winterlude. Oh well. Took longer than I thought, but the good news is that a store that I love in the Market had a 50% off everything sale. Man did I clean up. On stone jewelery. Couldn't afford it, couldn't not afford it.

Jer and I chatted for over an hour. I cannot believe how happy and animated he is. This is the best I've ever seen him. It makes me feel sooooo good. Brought him to Mom's and introduced them. Sheesh I thought I'd done that years ago. We've only been pals since 1972. Oh well better late than never. Mom liked him of course.

Got Mom dinner, stayed a few hours, did some of her chores, dropped off my nephew's birthday prezzies and here I am. Was going to do some work but decided not to. It was such a gorgeous day.

Am still in a way puzzled about M's turnabout. My guess is that he's thinking that P and I are opposed to him and La Bitch. Not true but you know, I am sick to death of worrying about her, taking care of, worshipping and worrying over him. You know how you can study your ass off for an exam, then the night before get so fed up with worry that you stop worrying altogether? Well that is exactly what this is like.

The two of them (separately or together, take your pick) have taken up far too much of my limited energy and patience.

My health (oh I forgot to mention, I had angioplasty a year ago, and they couldn't fix two of the three blocked arteries. Because I'm young for this kind of #$%, they decided to not do bypass. So I get winded easily, get nasty pain, etc.). As I was saying, my health depends on lowering my stress, working out and eating better. Those two are stressing me out something fierce. To tell you the truth, neither of them is worth it.

No more. This is my declaration of independence. I'm going to be my usual nice, professional self. They can both stuff it as far as I'm concerned.

Guess that says it all. Love my peaceful home. Love my buddies, and work.

Night world, may you all find peace


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