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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

It's Gonna Be A Cool Night

Greetings one and all! I want to say to the whole world that if it were not for my pal Pauly I'd be a basket case. Well actually I am a secret basket case but that's not important. Thank you Paul for being the best pal anyone ever had. For reading my ravings and giving such wonderful advice. You are truly da man.

Today was good. Didn't get an awful lot done, not what I wanted to anyway, but did get some important things done. L was not in (yea yea yea oh joy oh bliss and I feel like a bitch writing this). Had meetings with good people who helped me get work done. Did not get down and overeat (remember my name is Bridget Jones, right?). Got to talk to my wonderful friend Pauly too. Had some great e mail exchanges with other pals, the work and funny kind.

Did I ever mention that I work with the greatest folks in the world? As colleagues (with one very prominent exception), clients, etc. They are the absolute finest. Bar none.

The new parking lot man is letting me leave my car next to his booth. That is the sweetest thing. Plus there is a tiny commissionnaire in our building, she's so tiny that you can just see her face over the desk. She's so happy to see people in the morning, and all the other commissionnaires cheer up/brighten when she says hi. It's the best way to enter a building, let me tell you. Makes the day sweeter.

OK here is what no one is waiting to read: M is fine. So far. Not one remark about L (that mattered), no hitting-on of others, ZIP but work and nice pleasant talk. It was such a relief let me tell you. I almost felt like I was in someone else's life today (a good one).

Some of the e mail jokes I got today were choice. Wish I could post them here. The best one was a photo of a sleeping polar bear with a penguin standing on top of him holding huge cymbals. And another penguin standing a short distance away waiting, holding a purse. The caption was "Do one brave thing today, then RUN LIKE HELL!". Funniest thing I've seen in months. Pauly and I cracked up royally about it. M asked if he was the polar bear (smart ass). I said of course not. He was the cymbals (just kidding just kidding just kidding no I didn't say that honest). There was another good one, one of those movies that are commercials, of some idiot guy in a red sports car revving his engine, exiting a parking lot as a pretty female walks by. The barrier for the parking lot, one of those railroad crossing type barriers, comes down on his head hard, knocking his head into the horn. And keeps bonking him (and the horn). MAN that was funny too. Don't you just wish.....

Caught M giving me the eye a lot today. Felt good, especially since I didn't have a gut/heart response. Didn't even blush. NOTHING, nada, zip. Interesting, no? Guess if someone breaks your heart enough, you do give up inside. Sure seems that way.

Have been very good with eating (healthy stuff, not Doritos as I used to do in the past when ticked off/depressed). In fact am not depressed at all. This is a new sensation but definitely a welcome one. Missed exercise tonight because I had to do work (really Pauly I did) but got it done fast. Finished half an hour before the gym closes. Oh well, will work out that much harder demain.

Mom doing very well. Her upstairs phone wasn't working, and for a 76 year old heart patient that is dangerous. Got and installed a new one on Sunday (did I mention that I hate knowing how to do that kind of thing?) and it works, she's happy and (please Lord) healthy/healing. Even the CAT is in good shape--i.e. not nagging me for being on the computer as long as I've been ce soir.

Actually this is scary. Since when do things go THIS well, even for a day? At first I thought that I was gonna pay big time for this. Then I realized how hellish the last few days have been. Maybe I got it all dumped in one day? Oh who cares, I'll cope with it somehow.

So, I hesitate to say this, but all is cool, at least tonight.

Maybe that's (to misquote someone) all I know on earth and all I need to know?

Thanks again Pauly, you da best.
Thank you God for everything.
Thank you St. Michael for the help.
Please watch over us all.


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