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Saturday, February 26, 2005

I Shot the Sheriff

Hey world it's been a while.

Went to the 'memorial service' (Catholic speak for funeral of a suicide) yesterday. The church was packed, as it should have been. How's that for hypocritical? If he (the honoree) had been a bishop, there would have been full rites.

People were there from all walks of life, very senior government types, very junior government types, and one very smug bastard (TF) who had no reason to be there except to be seen. The brother of the honoree is a good friend and colleague. I was outraged to see TF there, the brainless smirking twit. There is such a thing as karma and it feels great knowing that he'll get his in the end. The right thing always happens in the end, it just can take a while. Had horrid dreams but probably due to running into this slimy snake at what was a warm ceremony.

Workload still nuts and growing. People outside the group are commenting on it now. Glad that someone cares and notices! M is doing much better.Things are a bit more under control but still nuts. Thank God for Pauly and him.

The bro I mentioned above, S, is being harassed by his bitch ex-manager--AT HOME! Can you imagine? Your only other sibling is dead--under the worst circumstances, and your idiot ex boss decides to harangue you at home about coming into work. And as of Monday he works with us. M is going to have it out with her, and S won't have to worry about that witch anymore. I'd love to get hold of her on the phone. Just five minutes would do it.

For some folks, like TF and the bitch-manager, hell isn't bad enough (they're immune to it). Nothing is.

Talked to long time pal in another province today. Was wonderful. Jery's idea, bless his heart.

Am also taking Mom out today (good Lord, here comes another angina attack, I am certain), so am putting off getting dressed.

The only way to not drown in work is to do serious overtime. Haven't done yet but may tonight, since that's all I dreamed about. Sick right? Here I am drowing in personal stuff, and what's on my mind? Work. Guess because it's easier to handle.

Wish me well folks.


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