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Sunday, January 09, 2005

Calming of the waters

Ok things are looking up. Way up. Got all the usual weekend stuff done (and that was not easy) including hospital visits. We (my sis and I) are actually taking turns babysitting my mom's cat so that he doesn't get lonely. Spoiled thing. But cute. Bought her all kinds of clothes--sweaters, socks, shoes, pants and nightclothes, underwear and arranged to get her hair done once a week. She's feeling so much better, and looks much much better. Hardly coughs at all now. They are doing a stress test on her tomorrow. In sympathy (!) I am getting yet another cholesterol test done tomorrow. Will prob fail/bomb it big time as usual from the stress and everything. What's scary is my aunt (mom's sis) needing a quadruple bypass (Tuesday op). She is as skinny as a rake and follows the low cholesterol diet to a T. And still got blocked up enough to need a quad bypass. And she's more active than I'll ever be.

Anyway, I need to ask you guys something: doesn't it tick you off when people assume that because you are (ahem) unwed, your lives are somehow less worthy than theirs? I get this all the time, and am now answering each idiot that brings this up, including my own family. Couples have twice the people to do things! I have to do all the house and car maintenance--it disgusts me that I know how to install lights, paint, etc. but hey it beats hiring someone or worse, waiting for a bf to do it. Anyway, that leaves me to do household stuff on weekends, social arrangements (presents, parties, etc.), cooking, cleaning, etc. plus just relax. Who made the coupled among us the ones who get to judge? Sheesh that's nervy. I am MORE, not less, busy as a single. So there couples, get it through your heads and get off the ---- pedastal you put yourselves on.

Why do I rant on this? Because my brother used it as one of his feeble excuses for not visiting my mom more in the hospital. Did I mention that he is RETIRED? Yep. He manages to drop in a princely amount of 1-2 times a week. Spends 10 minutes, then takes off. My sister and I are taking care of Mom's house, accounts, mail and bring her clothes and toiletries, plus stay and keep her company for at least an hour a day each, plus phone calls. Chuckie, what does it take to rate with you--the woman had a heart attack for pete's sake. Wise up!

OK now I feel better.

Thanks for letting me get this off my chest. On the whole it's been a good weekend. Had horrible dreams but that's another story.


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