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Monday, January 10, 2005

Calm before the storm?

Mom had all kinds of test today, X rays to see if the pneumonia is gone, stress test to see what other blockages exist, and a few others. She's got the old feistiness back and is itching to go home. THIS is more like it. Her sister is also back to her old self, yet both need to be assessed before they can go home. And they're 10 hours apart by car. Isn't that the weirdest thing? But happy developments just the same.

Work was boring. Had a fair bit to do, got it done. But am a bit overwhelmed by all this stuff and didn't feel like doing much. The boss is still his usual gorgeous, urbane, strong and smart self. It hit me less than normal today, so I must be going numb. About bleeping time too.

Am living on Sleep Ease D to sleep. If I don't take it, too much bounces around my head and I either cry or fret. So to heck with whether I'm getting addicted or not, I'm taking it till this nightmare passes.

At times like this I do wish I was a couple, but it only works if you're with the right person. I was with the wrong one for years, and it was a very lonely place.

Night night world, I'm off to sleep.


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