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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Splish Splash (Thanks Peter T!)

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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Nothing To See Here Either!

Well, folks, since a troll around Ottawa have been um up to his usual antics via this blog, I've decided to change my blog's name and address. It isn't brain surgery!

Have e mailed those of you that I know best and advised you of the new place.

If you are one of the people who don't comment but would like the new name and address, e mail me and I'll provide it to you (once I"ve checked you out, i.e. determined you're not related to me!).

Sorry for the inconvenience! Odd how this happened to Kris over at I'm not a girl, not yet a wino and me in the same week, huh?

See ya later!


p.s. name changed too.

Hot August (July) Night

Neil Diamond, anyone?

We've had three thunderstorms in the last hour and it's still hotter than blazes out there. Think someone moved Hell to Ottawa. Hmmm. Or maybe just woke up to something here.

Slow, but I get there, eventually. Only took a few decades...

Delivered all the photo stuff to Mom, and she was de-lighted with the results. Still have more to go but that will have to wait for another time. On the way over the garage door opener broke. I mean BROKE. Called one company and got a lecture (as in "yah I do emergencies but don't feel like it") from the first number 411 gave me, so called another. That lovely soul came over and informed me that (a) the manufacturer (Stanley) of my opener is no longer in business and (b) the replacement part is $500 ish (forget it). He unhooked the opener from the door so at least it could be operated manually for the weekend. My instructions--replace it at a non-Rolls Royce price please on Monday (am still off then).

Then off to get present for wife of Boy Wonder with Mom. Mom had very hard time walking in this heat, so I escorted her to a seat and found presents and cards, got us lunch (2:00 pm ish). Delivered photos that had been working on for last few days to Mom's house, ate lunch and delivered presents. The screen door was locked, so had to leave the presents dangling from the newspaper holder thingie attached to the mailbox. So, if someone steals the presents, it will be his wife's loss, certainly not mine.

Why would anyone lock a screen door? Have any of you out there ever done this and if so why?

Just curious. Let me know.

Have to do major dusting....later!

Borrowed from Lime

You Should Visit Argentina
Cowboys, European food, beaches, and skiing. This country is like no other!Learn to tango, hike across Patagonia, eat at fine restaurants... you'll never be bored.
What Latin American Country Should You Visit?

Friday, July 14, 2006

Workin' For The Weekend!

Hola world! Just realized two seconds ago it's my SIL's birthday, wife of Boy Wonder (who says I'm dead to him). Damn. Oh well. Mom forgot too but she has an excuse, she's 77.

Damn. Will have to drop off a prezzie/card tomorrow. Take Mom out to get one too and drop it off as well.

Ottawa must have slid into the sun, it is hotter than blazes here and HUMID. GI's simple request for me to look through Mom's collection of family photos for 1970s vintage stuff morphed into a muuuucho bigger one, Bridg/bipolar style. While I was at it (looking at photos), thought I may as well get the photos at least into albums instead of those crummy paper folders that they arrive in from the camera shops since many of them are over 20 years old--some 50.

As noted earlier, someone else on my dad's side of the family, circa 1910, was one HECK of a shutterbug, not to mention Dad himself. Much more so than I am (well, I got ummm castigated a lot for that and no, Chris, that isn't anything sexy). There are stacks of individual photos dating back to the 1910s, some earlier, many between 1910 and 1940. Stacks!!

Anyhow, Bridg here thought that she'd buy an album or two, take half a day and straighten out the mess or at least get the pics all into albums. Ho ho ho. Not so fast. Wound up buying three largish laundry sized tubs (well not quite that big but easy to handle), two smaller ones suitable to handle letters and other packages and at least 5-7 albums and refill sheets. Think I used 3-4 of the albums.

Worked so long and hard on this task--all of yesterday and today, part of tonight --that my tendonitis arm/shoulder/wrist is KILLING me. Stopped at dinnertime (8:00). Had beer, pizza and NCIS to celebrate and relax. O.U.C.H. Gave up then. Had the job 65%-70% done by then. All of Mom's family pics are done, and all of ours in 2-3 of the locations we were in are in. Did I mention that we moved a lot? Well we did. There are pictures for only a few of them, but quite a few for the odd ones. Mostly thanks to Dad and Yours Truly.

You can tell what years the pics were taken by the presence of my sister's ex hubby and my late dad in them, and by the age of the kids. But good heavens the amounts of weight that Mom, I, Sis, BW and even SIL went up and down! I don't mean 30 lbs, this is more like 60-80 lbs. Each. Amazing transformations. I bet we ALL wind up diabetic sooner or later if we live that long. Just massive changes. Lots good parties too.

Actually have documented evidence of one nephew being introduced to one puppy as a transportation device. Scared both of them about each other for years. Also have photographic evidence of one bro (BW) teaching his kid how to use a balloon as an attack weapon against his uncle. The glee on the kid's face is amazing. Next shot is the kid attacking, with uncle grinning. Neat sequence, I must say. Those were good times. Those are two very loved little boys. Hope they know how much, even though they're both in their 20s.

This photo thing is like an obsession--don't know how I'm going go to sleep without finishing the job. It's bothering me already.

Another nice thing that happened is that I got to see how my relatives I never got to meet looked in real life. That was VERY special. And a trip that Mom, her sister and BIL and I took to visit family graves in upper state Pennsylvania I got to relive through the pictures. It was wonderful....a very special trip. For the company, the beautiful countryside, and the family connection. We took a picture that actually echoed an existing one taken 40 years earlier. I found the earlier version among the black and white family pictures. Fascinating.

Sorry if this post is boring...it was a real voyage of discovery for me.

Did also fine some lineages all traced out. Was very excited until I realized it related to two DOGS!!

Sigh. We have to work on that.

Took Mom to lunch at Cora's which was great. But it was too hot to do much else.

Now have to dust the place for GI. Got dinner reservations made (and THAT wasn't easy, with this heat, no one is eating in). Thanks Wayne!!! I owe you one ;)

Have a great weekend folks!!! Stay near the beer cooler...or the marg jug....!!!

Stay cool.......................Bridg

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Dreamboat Annie

Heart - Dreamboat Annie
courtesy of: http://www.seeklyrics.com/lyrics/Heart/Dreamboat-Annie.html

Heading out this morning into the sun
Riding on the diamond waves, little darlin' one
Warm wind caress her
Her lover it seems
Oh, Annie
Dreamboat Annie my little ship of dreams
Going down the city sidewalk alone in the crowd
No one knows the lonely one whose head's in the clouds
Sad faces painted over with those magazine smiles
Heading out to somewhere won't be back for a while

Hey world hope it is as beautiful wherever you are as it is here! Gloomy and sleepy yesterday but boy today sure makes up for it.

Finally got the blinking Cushing's tests (8:00 and 4:00 on the same day) done. Had to convince the staff (a) to do it, (b) I didn't need to take meds first and (c) no, they didn't need to record every med I'm on first (they called two doctors first anyway). Guess it isn't a common test. But two good things--they found a vein both times first time (that NEVER happens) and the damn thing is DONE! Got other household chores done, nothing major and yah, laundry and groceries were part of them. Didn't get to cut down the damn jungle in the backyard, it was too humid and the mosquito-birds were everywhere including inside the house. Am loving watching TV and just being a veggie. Don't get to do this nearly enough.

Today involves a fair bit of activity. Two medical appointments (rolling eyes), taking Mom out to lunch, and picking up old photos (from Mom) at request of GI who wants to look through them this weekend (Saturday?). He isn't staying over (is doing a shopping tour of Ottawa and dropping by for dinner out)--wanted to see if there are any pics of 1970s vintage. Think he is trying to reconnect more firmly with his high school/age of innocence self --knowing his parents, there aren't many pictures of him at home. Not that my parents were big on photos (especially not of my dates) either, I was the photographer in the family. But there are a few photos, I think. Will look and see anyway.

Wonder how I got the photo-taking bug? Surely no one else has it (either parent I mean. So my shutter-bugging isn't a learned behaviour). Maybe that's why--filling a gap. There sure is a pictorial family archive now! I hope that someone takes over the photo archive when I kick the bucket. Not that I mean to be morbid, but there are really only two nephews that seem to care at all about this kind of stuff and I hope that they take hold of this stuff. But I guess if no one cares then it doesn't really matter, does it?

Speaking of photos, one of my paternal great aunts had, according to my late dad, many photos of Civil War battlegrounds taken by a famous photographer. He said that the photos showed bodies as far as the eye could see, that it was indescribable. No one told us when she died, or that she had been institutionalized (cancer) prior to that (it isn't as if there weren't tons of letters from my dad in that house or that we hadn't visited a lot, etc.). She died a 'ward of the state', so all of her assets had been taken over by the government of the state that she lived in. Not the best way to die and it must have happened quickly--odd. Didn't think that things happened or could happen that way with government but it did in this case. Wonder how she came by those photos and hope that they are somewhere where people can see them.

Do remember that we visited her shortly after my ex and I separated (parents and I). Burst into tears in this great-aunt's living room (thank heavens she was in the kitchen and didn't hear me crying). This lady never married because her father rejected the love of her life as a suitor (according to my dad). I was so terrified at the time of winding up as she did. Alone. And here I am, alone and loving it. Ironic, huh? At that long-ago time, saw 'alone' as 'loveless'. Silly old me. Fortunately there are all kinds of love. Just didn't know it at the time. Was so young.

Damn this is turning into some post. Sorry folks. Just in a mood I guess. Or maybe it's all this doctor stuff and watching too much C.S.I.

OK off to take Mom to lunch. Happy Thursday folks, whether HN, N or not!!!

Hugs, Bridg



Don't have Cushing's (predictable), do have toenail infection and two MORE blood tests to take (fasting of course) and my third general practioner doctor in a row is leaving the province (what are the odds?). This.is.getting.personal!!!!

The first m.d. left because her husband was transferred to a different city in this province. The second m.d. quit medicine because her son was killed in an accident and she just could not hack the practice anymore and who could blame her. This fellow's wife was transferred to another province. Happy for the first and third m.d.s' fortunes but...


On the plus side, spent the rest of the afternoon combing through old photos and found more stuff of 1970s vintage, GI will be pleased. Many more than I knew existed. And found TONS of stuff he isn't interested in but I am. Photo archives of both sides of the family. Dad's is very well documented (dates and names on the back of the photos, nicely done Dad) and there are tons of photos. Mom's isn't documented at all but BOY did the camera ever love her. WOW.

Am putting as many pics as I can into albums for Mom but there are far too many for me to be able to afford to put away. So much for me being the family photographer! Someone else was very busy at this generations before I was even an idea (early 1910s). Found birth announcements from 1908? Letters to my dad when he was in the army--about 2" worth. KEWL. Pictures of his dad and HIS dad. On horseback, in various poses..incredible stuff. None of the civil war stuff, but profoundly interesting. Two patents. All kinds of stuff.

Somewhere, in generations past, a kindred spirit. Dad among them. Who knew?

Night world. Hope you're cool (physically) where you are, this place is a sauna!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Pantyhose Quiz

Pantyhose quiz

Q:? How many animals can you fit into a pair of pantyhose?

Now, think about it......




10 little piggies

2 calves,

1 ass,


an unknown number of hares.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Penguin Dance

OK it's been done a billion times but I love it

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Don't F*ck With Mother Nature!

Thanks Vic, from another nature lover...

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Comedy Zone

Thanks Vic...

A very loud, unattractive, mean-acting woman walks into WalMart with her two kids in tow, screaming obscenities at them all the way through the entrance. The WalMart Greeter says, "Good morning and welcome to Walmart .... Nice children you've got there - are they twins?" The ugly woman stops screaming long enough to say, "Hell no they ain't, the oldest one, he's 9 and the younger one, she's 7. Why the hell would you think they're twins?........ Do you really think they look alike?" "No", replies the greeter, "I just couldn't believe you got laid twice!"

Women Drivers

Thanks Chet!!
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Crystal Blue Persuasion

Hola world! Muggy and hot here, allegedly. Wouldn't know because the only time I went outside was to get the newspaper. Spent the whole day exercising (inside--have treadmill and TV in the airconditioned basement. Yeah it's decadent and am paying for it believe me), reading, watching TV and napping. Conditioned the bod a bit and let the mind unravel. It.was.fanflippingtastic. Didn't know until last night that if you don't exercise joints they can dry up (of synovial fluid) somewhat? Or at least it's better for the joint-I-promised-not-to-talk-about-again to exercise it.

Even cooked dinner (not a frozen dinner for once). Is this going to be a trend? Who knows but for now it's great. Have more doctor's appointments coming up and a medical test tomorrow (no it never ends would be faster to just croak but won't get off that easily lol).

So not much news here. In fact it's downright boring in a blog sense. That's good news for me (the drama around here a while ago was the stuff of country and western songs) but dull for you, I"m afraid. Will post some good jokes that rolled in to make up for it.

Have a lovely evening, world! Enjoy summer, it's so brief....love y'all, Bridg

Another One!! Butterflies

Thanks again, angel card people (01ANGELS@yahoogroups.com)! Holy frig, these things are freaky in their timing. It's like whoever is writing them is reading my mind.

Some of you know why, but this stuff below very accurately reflects thoughts and stuff that I'm dealing with right now. Again, can apply in so many different ways (work, weight, family, you name it) but still, timing is freaky.


Remember the caterpillar that turns into the beautiful butterfly. The caterpillar MUST make the journey into the unknown to become the butterfly. Sometimes you must also venture into the unknown to meet your destiny. Have you noticed any butterflies lately? Perhaps it is time to peel away the outgrown experiences and move to the next level. Create a new format that goes beyond anything you have ever experienced. The veil is being lifted to bring inner awareness and change. Be open to honoring what you now feel even if it means letting go of goals that no longer serve you. The veil is being lifted, and the changes you make on an inner level will reveal new direction in the present. Expect changes that are nothing short of miraculous. Dramatic energy shifts require quick thinking. An exchange of new information will shed light on the situation. A shift in consciousness may help you become more of who you truly are. It is safe to reveal your real self. Be clear with what you really want in your life.

Monday, July 10, 2006

I'm Free

Jon Secada
courtesy of: http://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/jonsecada/imfree.html

Do you see what I see?
A rainbow shining over us
In the middle of a hopeless storm
Sometimes I'm blinded by my feelings
And I can't see beyond my troubled mind
Afraid of what I'll find
The story of our lives
But there's tomorrow.

Cause I'm free, I'm free
And things are only as important
As I want them to be
We'll have a breath of sunshine
When the rain goes away
I pray, I pray.

Do you need a friend right now?
In the road that you're going to
If you get lost just call me I'll be there
Yes I'll be right there

Cause though I may not have the answer
At least I know what I'm looking for.
Yes I can do without sorrow
There's a day after tomorrow
So I'm leaving behind.

I'm free, I'm free
And things are only as important
As I want them to be
We'll have a breath of sunshine
When the rain goes away
I pray, I pray.

And if you want to share my dreams
Well all you have to do is say it, say it
Let me hear you loud and clear
Cause I need you if you wanna be, if you wanna be.

Do you see what I see
A rainbow shining over us
In the middle of a hopeless storm
We'll be safe and warm.

[Repeat chorus]

Actually world, I was looking for the lyrics to Kenny Loggins' "I'm Free" song. Watched Footloose for the 2000th time yesterday and since just returned from acupuncture five minutes ago, and am free of arm pain (yippee!) at least temporarily, the feeling seemed appropriate. But in the process of looking for Loggins' lyrics, stumbled across Jon Secada's gem. Loved this song too, so went with it.

Hope Monday went smoothly for everyone? Won't gloat about not going to work today but it was choice. Was slightly annoyed that it took being totally away from work to get perfectly ordinary things done that had to be done anyway (arranging appointments, tracking down where refund submissions went awry, getting photocopies done--in short, little lolligaging was done today but it's all good). Found out that I have to renew my passport--there goes another day but at least I have the time off!

On a completely different note, turns out that one can only get 2-3 shots of cortisone in a joint because although it lubricates the joint it also wears down tendons (M was right). Always a catch. Did you know that people in the 'old days", say 1600s and earlier, died in their 30s? That was considered a ripe old age. Am beginning to understand why now!

Third turn of subject: read latest issue of Cosmopolitan today. I know, trite and immature but so what. Lo and behold, an article about why some singles do not want to be married. That's definitely my case, as many of you know. For those of you who don't, let's just say that in the 1980s and 1990s, I had very bad taste in men. Ones that looked great on paper/in person, who wound up doing the strangest things that even the POLICE found unacceptable (I mean stalking). More than one of them. Most of them. Hence the unlisted phone number, yadda yadda yadda. I never said that I am smart. Plus getting a divorce AND an annulement (Catholic version of divorce) is probably the closest thing to an exorcism that any person will ever go through. You wind up reliving the worst experiences of your life in great detail, it's tape recorded, and by the time it's over (my interview was six hours long. SIX HOURS) there is nothing that is unknown about you. It.is.horrific.

Anyway what I was curious about is this: how many of you readers out there if you're single, would prefer to change your status as a general preference? Just curious.

Have a lovely evening, world!



Beautiful Day

courtesy of: http://www.21lyric.com/Z/Ziggy-Marley-lyrics/The-Spirit-of-Music/Beautiful-Day/
Album : The Spirit of Music
Artist : Ziggy Marley

Take a look into the sky
'Cause the world is not so pretty
Free myself from worries
So I can see
It's just a beautiful day
It's just a beautiful day
You could be sad
But I rather you not be
Don't dwell on the negative
Just the positivity

And it's a beautiful day
It's just a beautiful day
We're always trying to satisfy these wants and needs
Take you some time for that inner peace
When your eyes are open
You'll see things differently
There's so much gloom
Hiding the reality
It's just a beautiful day
Yeah, It's just a beautiful day

Take a look into the sky
Wake up
Take a look into the sky
Keep your head up high
Take a look into the sky
I take a look into the sky
'Cause the world is not so pretty
Free myself from worries
So I can see
It's just a beautiful day

I could be sad
But you rather me not be
Don't dwell on the negative just the positivity
And it's a beautiful day
And it's a beautiful day

We're always trying to satisfy these wants and needs
Take you some time for that inner peace
When our eyes are open
We'll see things differently
There's so much gloom
Hiding the reality
It's just a beautiful day
A beautiful day

Take a look into the sky
Wake up
Take a look into the sky
Look in the sky
Keep your head up high
It's just a beautiful day
I know it's a beautiful day
It's just a beautiful day
I know it's a beautiful day
No one can take that away
It's just a beautiful day
I know it's a beautiful day
Don't you feel no way
It's just a beautiful day

Isn't this a lovely song, world? Wish I could post the music (am a bit of a dummy that way) here but the lyrics are cool too.

Loving not being at work, even if it's just for a week. Am mellow and (as you can see from the lyrics) very happy and back to being upbeat me again after just the weekend. Two factors involved in this--one was visit from GI (ex bf and dear friend), and seeing Pirates of the Caribbean, Dead Man's Chest with Mom on Sunday.

Had been months and months since I'd been to a movie. Damn if I know why, they are the best therapy (well, OK friends and music are right in there too). Oh yah right was too tired from work etc. that's why. Anyway, if you are looking for ummm deep meaning, soul searching arty stuff (e.g. Angela's Ashes), stay the heck away from this one. If you liked the previous (first) Pirates and/or want to be entertained, love Johnny Depp (etc.) --definitely check this one out. LOVED IT. Is worth seeing more than once. No kidding. I think it's better than the first one by a long shot.

Had a great visit with GI. We finally got through all my photo albums. Have not counted them all but have more than 10, less than 20 (I think less than 20). And Chinese food. Introduced him to Cantonese chow mein, to which I was introduced by an ex bf many years ago. It was the ONE thing about that guy that doesn't make me retch (caught athlete's foot --oh well could have been a lot worse!).

Would have been ashamed to have GI come back here and see the same pictures (art) still not hung on the walls that were not hung the last time he was here. They were taken down because of getting the place painted, and I had not re-hung them because of my hurt arm/shoulder/whatever. Guess the cortisone shot is helping, because I put all seven of them up FAST on Saturday morning. After that the aching started, but at least they got done. Then took Mom to get her hair done, did grocery shopping, etc.

My smart alek mother said 'thank God he visits once in a while, otherwise your housework would never get done'.

Very funny, Mom, love you anyway!

The Most Spoiled Cat In The Universe did her (now usual) mourning thing when GI left the next morning. Looking longingly at the front door, meowing at it, etc. Spent a lot of time (trying to) cuddling, petting her, explaining that GI has a family and a home and that we have ours, etc. She really is attached to him and (well I think) that is weird. The other ex bf (of Cantonese chow mein/athletes' foot fame) LIVED here for three months and she wasn't attached to him at all. Later on, about two years ago, dated someone else (a francophone guy) whom she just ignored. But GI she adores. We don't have overnight visitors here as a rule, that may be a little part of it, but it's cute. She follows him around like a puppy, gets him to rub her tummy and on Saturday night she slept with him!!! Traitor. Well, OK my door was shut but still.

Enough about the flipping cat. Have tasks to get to (depressingly, medical/exercise related). But at least they aren't housework!!!

Hope your weekend was lovely, world, we sure had the weather for it.

Did anyone else watch The Exorcism of Emily Rose, and if so what did you think?

Just curious......